VARIOUS - Eliza Close Up

challenge 59 - winners and banners

Under the cut are the winners for Challenge 59 - congratulations!! And a big thank you to everyone who participated.

This community is now on hiatus until further notice. If you start to get withdrawal symptoms I suggest you head to dollhousestills or icon_jossverse where challenges are still being run every two weeks.

It's been a blast folks, I'll see you on the flip side,
g_s xxxx

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BTVS - World's Best Actor

Challenge 59: voting!

It's voting time people! As this will be the last voting on eliza_stills for a while, I hope that you all take the time to check out and vote on the awesome icons under the cut.

Remember, the theme of this challenge was 'eyeless'. None of the icons were allowed to include Eliza's eyes.

* Please vote for your favorite three icons in order- 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Plus a special category vote for BEST EYELESS
* Type your top three choices in the text box, separated by commas, in the order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
* Vote for BEST EYELESS in the second box.
* Please vote in the poll and not in comments.
* Please do not vote for your own icons.
* Your first choice will receive 3 points, your second choice will get 2 points and your third choice will get 1 point.
* Voting ends on Monday.

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Lost Girl - Dyson and Bo


Hey, guys. Due to conflicts between online time and real life, eliza_stills will be going on hiatus after our current challenge.

Maybe if time opens up in the future, we will bring the site back. Until then, I hope you guys will join me over at icon_jossverse, my new community featuring bi-weekly contests over everything Whedon. We will have challenges focused on all the actors over there too so you would still get to icon Eliza.

Thank you to everyone that has participated here. I have enjoyed seeing you push yourselves above and beyond to produce awesome icons. You guys are amazing.

Our final challenge ends this Friday, I would love to see all of you enter.

Lost Girl - Dyson and Bo




I need members right now, so please join and tell all of your Whedon loving friends. The first challenge will be posted as soon as we get enough members.

icon_jossverse is a bi-weekly icon challenge community for everything Joss Whedon has had his genius little hands in.

If anyone is interested in becoming a co-mod, please COMMENT HERE.

Thank you!

Also, please enter Challenge 59
VARIOUS - Gay for Eliza

challenge 59 - eyeless icons

Howdy all!
Welcome to challenge 59!

This time round, we're not restricting you on photos... YOU CAN USE ANY PICTURE OF ELIZA DUSHKU, whether it's from a show or photoshoot, a candid or a promo shot - the choice is yours... but here's the catch. ALL ENTRIES SUBMITTED MUST NOT CONTAIN ELIZA'S EYES. This could mean that they are cropped in a certain way, or the shot is taken from behind, or that Eliza herself is obscuring her eyes with a hand or with sunglasses - the choice is yours - just no eyes in any submissions.



--You can submit up to 4 (FOUR) icons
--Your icon must meet LJ standards (40kb, 100x100)
--Icons must be new for this challenge
--You may use any photo of Eliza Dushku (I've included a real mixture of photos just in chance you don't have time to search for any!)
--No animation
--Do not post your icon anywhere until the challenge is over
--Blending, textures, text, brushes, etc. are all encouraged.
--Entries are due Friday, April 23rd, at 6 pm GMT
--You can use the same pic more than once as long as it's noticeably different (which that the icon must be cropped differently at the very least)

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